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For more than 25 years
the principals of ECI, Inc. have been supporting primary and sub contractors with expert engineering services.  As a vehicle to continue offering superior technical and management services to her customers, Tamra Ozbolt, CEO, founded ECI, Inc. in 2009.

ECI is a proven company of dedicated professionals providing superior system engineering, project management, mechanical design, testing, risk management, integration, process development and auditing, and task capture and management. Our goal is to be the small business of choice for progressive companies who seek to partner and collaborate in an environment where engineering best practice yields best value, quality and safety.

Engineering and Technical Services

ECI brings unparalleled expertise to assist our clients in all phases of SETA endeavors. Our clients experience excellent support from ECI in Systems Engineering and Technical Assistance in the areas of:

  • Avionics
  • Aerospace
  • Defense and Related Technical Fields
  • All Phases of Project Management
  • Green Energy Initiatives

ECI is known for:
  • Exceptional collaboration and contributions from our employees
  • Continuous on schedule completion
  • Exceeding expectations for final product delivery
  • Honesty, integrity, and great value