Our Mission

To connect with our clients, collaborate to achieve desired goals, and enable client success through our contributions.

Woman-Owned Small Business

As a Woman-Owned Small Business engineering services company, ECI, Inc. combines over 25 years of successful leadership and a team of experienced professionals with innovation and multi-discipline problem solving to deliver value, quality, and safety to its customers. Founded in 2009 and lead by Tamra Ozbolt, President/CEO, ECI places a special emphasis on matching tools and right-sizing processes to ensure project success with improved efficiency and effectiveness. ECI has wide-ranging capabilities, along with proven ability, to match necessary skills with customer efforts and to recruit, train, and retain value-added personnel. Our goal is to be the small business of choice for progressive companies who seek to partner and collaborate in an environment where engineering best practice yields superior quality and excellence

  • Leverages over 25 years of Successful Leadership and Experience in Government and Commercial Projects
  • Comprised of diverse, trained, experienced personnel that are pro-active problem solvers
  • Supports NASA, other Federal Agencies and Commercial Entities
  • Trained in ISO, CMMI, and Lead Quality Systems
  • Recognized for Subcontractor Excellence (pic of Subcontractor Excellence Award)

Meet The Team

ECI team members